Congrats America! You Just Got Jammed!!!

If you are familiar with the television series Parks and Recreation, then you will remember the character Jeremy Jamm. A dentist and city councilman for the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana who was known for being overly obnoxious and petty. He would go out of his way to demoralize people he didn’t like and when he felt like he got one over on you, he used his signature phrase, “You just got jammed!” Mr. Jamm’s antics are hysterical on a television series. It’s not funny you elect someone like Jeremy Jamm to the White House.

What I’m about to share should not be a surprise to anyone. What should be surprising is how in spite of knowing how Orange Man is, we let him get one over on us. We’ve known since the day Orange Man announced he was running for president, that he has a penchant for using social media and off the cuff comments to shame, ridicule and denigrate anyone or anything that he doesn’t like. His comments about certain minority groups and women are well documented. In the first few months of Orange Man’s presidency, he’s had moments of looking presidential, only to sabotage his success with more petty and idiotic tweets or comments. Every time he does it, social media goes crazy! I believe Orange Man is trolling us. I think he enjoys it. And it needs to stop.

For the past year, the National Football League has dealt with players kneeling for the national anthem. Out of the almost 1700 players in the league, only a handful kneeled. Most prominently is Colin Kaepernick. This year Kaepernick is out of the league and maybe three or four players continue to kneel. The Browns kneeled in prayer during the anthem (a decision I support) and later united with police and first responders in a sign of unity before games. Some issues take time to resolve or work through. The anthem protests were beginning to wane. Progress was being made.

…..and then Orange Man opened his mouth. Calling any player that protests a son of a bitch and that they should be fired.

Before Orange Man’s comments, 3 players were kneeling. This past Sunday, after Orange Man’s comments, over 200 players kneeled.

I should clarify that with the exception of what the Browns did, I do not support kneeling during the national anthem. I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM is nothing more than a Marxist terror group, hiding behind racial identity politics for the sole purpose of revenge upon whites. Just because I don’t support BLM doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the racial injustice and dysfunction in the black community. You can’t tell me that after watching the video of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice that there isn’t a problem. There is. It must be addressed. I don’t believe kneeling during the anthem or mass rioting and destruction of property achieve that. Yet, whether you agree or disagree with the protests, a discussion was happening. Players were reaching out to military and police. This past Sunday that progress took a major step backward.

The president of the United States has at their disposal something we call the bully pulpit. It’s the president’s prerogative to speak publicly to the American people on any issue for any reason. A president can campaign, champion a policy or speak to the people in times of fear and unrest to ease their anxiety. President Roosevelt got America through the great depression with his fireside chats. President Reagan got us through a recession and the loss of the Challenger. Two examples of presidents who sought the best in us as Americans. This current president has shown time and time again that he is more than willing to divide. Instead of unifying and healing our country, do the exact opposite. To simply out of spite, attack private citizens and businesses for whatever twisted reason he has in his head.

Yesterday and today my Facebook feed is full of people passionately taking sides. One side on a relentless mission out-American everyone. The other side getting bludgeoned over the head with patriotic rednecks spewing their own divisiveness from cell phone videos they took in their backyard. People are being unfriended. Family members are arguing. And this has taken its toll on NFL players as well. Owners are peaking out. In some cases kneeling with players. Orange Man’s own friends on the Patriots are vehemently against his comments. Steelers Coach Mike Tomblin tried to do what he thought was right and keep the team in the locker room during the anthem. A decision that his own quarterback admits to losing sleep over and regretting. I myself have made a few comments on social media. Mostly out of snark, but also out of the anxiety the issue has caused.

So I decided to write this post because I want to point something out. Social media has always been a place to post drama and gripe about things that offend us. But this feels different to me. I feel like this is a tipping point. That what we post in the next few days will determine whether you are American or not. Sides will be taken. Lines will be drawn.

Please don’t draw those lines. Don’t unfriend someone over this. And please, for all that is good and holy, don’t let Orange Man allow this to get under your skin.

Like most outrage, it will soon pass. Something else will come along to get angry about. I guarantee you there won’t be 200 NFL players kneeling every Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a few apologies from players in the next few weeks.

If you feel a divide over this issue it’s because Orange Man wants there to be one. It’s intentional and he enjoys it.

If you’re upset over the anthem protests, envision this in your mind. While you are angry, while NFL players are angry, while our Facebook friends are angry, in the White House is the Orange Man sitting with his phone scrolling through Twitter. He laughs to himself and says, “You just got Trumped!!!