Immigration Reform Proposal

General Philosophy and Framework

The United States is a sovereign nation with a distinct civic framework and physical boundaries. One of the responsibilities of the US Government is to protect those boundaries and reinforce the country’s civic framework. It is counterproductive for a nation to allow people into their country who have no interest or intent in assimilation. Assimilation does not mean a complete denial of an individual’s original culture but an understanding that the United States is a country where you can celebrate your culture and traditions while embracing the way things are done here in the US.

 I welcome anyone who wants to come to the US for a better life. The United States is a great place to start over. We should be welcoming and have a logical and coherent system in place to process and promote immigration to the United States. We currently do not have that system.  I see two major problems with our current system. The US has a poor system for processing and tracking those who immigrate to this country legally or illegally. The US does not promote assimilation and understanding of what the United States is, it’s history andit’s culture. Many of those who immigrate to the US know only of the benefits the US provides. What it is the country can provide for them. This creates a naturalized citizen who votes based on what the US can give them.

I view our current border situation to be more than a national defense issue but a humanitarian crisis. Human trafficking is rampant.Women and children are sexually abused by those who transport them illegally over the border. Many try to traverse dangerous terrain and wind up paying with their lives. Drug cartels take advantage of the situation. People’s lives are in jeopardy when they attempt to enter the US illegally. This needs to stop.

The following is my policy solution to the illegal immigration issue. The United States should be a nation that encourages immigration. With that in mind, the United States is a sovereign nation that has the right to dictate who enters its borders and how an immigrant can become a naturalized citizen. The United States is a prosperous nation and there should be a system in place that benefits US citizens while making it appealing to immigrants to become a citizen.

I. Build the Wall

The current president wants to build a wall to keep people out. I would like to build the border fence to block areas of access that are dangerous to the incoming immigrant. I would like to see the following:

  • Reinforcing or updating the border fence that has been previously built.
  • Building a border fence along areas of high traffic and high mortality rates. These areas should be off limits and inaccessible for the safety of those traveling to the US.

II. Designated Processing Centers

At the same time the border fence is being built around areas of high traffic and high mortality, centers in designated areas should be built to welcome and process incoming immigrants.

  • Processing centers in current cities that are on or near the US/Mexican border.
  • Processing centers placed near non-volatile high traffic areas.
  • Processing centers will work similar to how Ellis Island did. Centers will check immigrants for illnesses, disease and background checks if possible.
  • Processing centers may have tents or trailers for immigrants and immigrant families to stay until cleared.
  • For illegal immigrants already in the US,temporary processing centers will be set up in state capitols of US states. Any immigrant that has not been processed after a certain time period will be automatically deported.  

III. Friendly Nation Visas

I propose a new separate type of visa for natives of Mexico and Canada. Since these two countries border us and we have good relations with them, I would like to see a friendly nation status visa implemented.

  • Visa would be distinct from other types of visas.
  • Visa would stand out enough to let employers and government officials know their immigration status.
  • Visa would give immigrant free travel through the US to work and live.
  • Visa would give immigrant free travel across borders without fear of being denied re-entry.
  • Visa would be main source of identification to discourage voter fraud.
  • Federal law to make states acknowledge friendly nation status on all drivers licenses to discourage voter fraud.
  • Up to states whether or not to allow benefits.

IV. Revoke Birthright Citizenship.

There are currently 30 nations that allow some type of birthright citizenship. There used to be more but countries like Ireland,France and Argentina revoked birthright citizenship in the past few years. Such policies are implemented to promote emigration.  Once a country believes that their emigration quota has been met, they have the right to put a stop to it.

Revoking birthright citizenship gives the US the upper hand when it comes to dealing with foreign nationals. Unfortunately there will be some people who will come to the US and violate our trust. In doing so there may be grounds for deportation. Such a person or family will not be able to use the citizenship of their children as a bargaining chip. The fault will be on them that they would have to leave the US and take their child back to a country they have never visited before. I’m not thinking of Mexican nationals,rather those who get pregnant in another country (Russia), travel here eight months pregnant and have their child here to establish residency.

Currently there is legal questions whether birthright citizenship is constitutional. If constitutional is this something that can be regulated by the executive branch or by the legislative branch? These questions need answered by the courts before my policy can be implemented.

V. Benefits

One of the issues people have with this proposal has to do with benefits. Should Friendly Nation workers receive social security? What about healthcare? Should immigrants pay into and receive government entitlements?This is the part of my proposal I’m still trying to figure out.

I would like to see a policy that sets up US citizenship similar to a membership. There are certain perks that you get by becoming a member or in this case a US citizen. I don’t want to continue to have illegal’s come here to the US with the sole purpose of getting benefits.  There has to be some type of incentive to not only work here but become a citizen. I believe withholding such benefits may be the solution. There will always be those who have no interest in become a US citizen. In that case they should know that by making that decision they are missing out.

My thoughts are that Friendly Nation workers should not receive any federal benefit or pay into it. It would be up to the states to decide whether or not to offer benefits. Healthcare can be provided to immigrants through private and worker plans. Since the Affordable Care Act fixed the healthcare problem in the US there shouldn’t be any problem getting health insurance. Right?

VI. Other Things To Consider

I would like to see a national push with our education system to become bi-lingual. The two prominent languages in this hemisphere is English and Spanish. As a country we should be speaking both. The Roman empire spoke three or more languages to promote commerce and strengthen the Pax Romana. We should do the same.

My policy proposal does not take into consideration the fact that the influx of labor would continue to drive wages down in certain areas.My only solution to this would be unionization.

As much as I like my proposal my biggest concern if implemented would be what Democrats would do with it. Providing Friendly Nation visas to the 22 million illegal immigrants already here along with free travel and residence for millions of others not yet here would be a Trojan horse for amnesty on a massive scale. If Democrats controlled all three houses they could easily grant amnesty to anyone who has a Friendly Nation visa. This would negate my entire proposal.


My desire is to see a safe route for those south of us to travel to the US and enter this country without living in the shadows or fear of being deported. I don’t want to see families separated anymore. I want anyone who wants to come here to understand that they are a guest here at the pleasure of the United States. As long as they live and work here there will be certain privileges that they will not be able to enjoy until they become a naturalized citizen.