May 16th

You never think it can happen to you. It always happens to other people. It’s other people who wake up in the morning, go to their jobs and never come home because someone flew a plane into the floor of the skyscraper they worked on. It’s someone else who goes to their first college class […]

Our Last Week Together

This is pieced together from my old blog, my notes and recollection of what was happening during our last week together May 8th through May 15th 2006. Monday May 8th It’s finals week. I spent the morning and evening studying for exams and working on my senior seminar paper. The afternoon was spent working on […]

Welcome to My New Website!

I finally got around to building a new website. It’s funny. I build websites for a living but building my own took forever. 🙂 In 2004 I started a blog on I was attending West Virginia University and I had two hours in between classes. To pass time I would go to the library […]


One of the things I enjoy doing is speaking to people about what God has done in my life. One of those things is granting me the strength to forgive the man who murdered my parents. The video is 30 minutes but It’s well worth it. If you are struggling with unforgiveness or you feel […]

That One Time I Did Stand-Up Comedy

I’ve done more stand-up after this but not as much as I would like. I’ll blog more about that later.  I took Dave Schwensen’s Stand-Up Comedy Workshop and our graduation was to do a five minute set at the Cleveland Improv. Enjoy!